A LOCAL court has dismissed a defamation claim by a housewife of Lusaka’s Chelstone Extension who sued her friend for calling her a prostitute in front of her husband and accusing her of sleeping with a married man on Christmas Day last year.

Sharon Mubita, 29 sued Elizabeth Daka,36 a businesswoman of the same area for defamation of character.

Mubita told  Chelstone Local Court senior magistrate Charity Milambo on December 28 she was coming from church and found her husband at Daka’s bar where she was called her a prostitute.

“ On reaching the bar, Daka called my husband and told him she never knew I was married to him because I was a bitch who sleeps with men,

“My husband became furious and chased me from the house, I want her to tell me where she found me sleeping with men as my marriage is at stake,” she said.

Star witness, Don Chimuka and Mubita’s husband said it was Sunday evening when Daka followed him and told him that her wife was a bitch who had an affair with big men and had sex on Christmas Day.

In defence Daka denied the allegation saying she did not insult her but told her husband what she saw on the mentioned date.

“I know her to be my customer and friend, it all started on December 25 when I saw Mubita been dropped from a vehicle by a certain man and I was surprised. They entered our bar to buy some beers, I then asked the man who that woman was, only to be told that it was his birthday and the woman was his birthday present,

“On December 28, Mubita came to my bar and I was surprised to see her with Chimuka and said he was her husband. Mubita then started insulting me and accused me of sleeping with younger boys which dented my character because it was at a bar and a lot of people were drinking,” Daka said

The court dismissed the claim because both Daka and Mubita contributed to the matter as exchanged defamatory words.

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