THE Lusaka Magistrate’s Court has acquitted a man accused of stealing a bull and cattle worth K43, 000 from his father.

Particulars of the offence before Magistrate Kate Sakwanda, were that Pensha Machila was alleged to have stolen the animals belonging to James Machila between January and December 2018.

James said he had 600 head of cattle at his farm and assigned all his children to herd the animals on different days.

But James later contradicted himself by saying that all his animals were marked with his initials when he said the cattle that were stolen were not marked.

He said when the cattle were stolen, his children had not marked them with his initials but claimed they were his.

James accused his son Pensha of stealing his cattle because they went missing  on the day he was assigned to herd them.

He said all the cattle at the farm belonged to him and his son sold the missing animals to his friend.

In defence Pensha denied stealing the cows and said that he was not the only person assigned to take care of the cattle.

He said the cows he sold were unmarked and belonged to him.

Magistrate Sakwanda said there was no sufficient evidence to prove that Pensha stole the missing cows because the other siblings were also involved in herding the cattle at the farm.

She said Pensha proved that the three cattle he sold were unmarked and not part of the cattle owned by his father.

The court found Pensha not guilty of the offence of stock theft and acquitted him accordingly.

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