A LUSAKA man has told a magistrates court how a man sold a stolen camera to him at K2,000.
Before magistrate Felix Kaoma was Christopher Chota accused of selling a stolen camera to Sinadon Sikabana on November 19, 2019.
The court heard that Mr Sikabana, 48, a photographer of Kaunda Square, was at a restaurant in Katondo Street when Chota arrived with a camera.
He said he asked Chota if he was a photographer and he said “yes”.
Mr Sikabana said Chota told him he was selling the camera at K3,000 to raise money to replace his studio equipment that was damaged because of electricity.
He said he negotiated with Chota and agreed on the price of K2,000 considering some faults the camera had.
Mr Sikabana said the flash wasn’t working well, the battery was weak and it had no charger.
He said they went to an airtel money booth and he gave Chota K2,000.
Mr Sikabana said the following week he received a call from the police informing him that the camera he had bought at Katondo Street was a stolen one.
He said the police asked if he had the camera and he said it was at home.
But Chota denied the allegation.
Chota: Is the name of the person who sold you the camera on the receipt?
Mr Sikabana: No.
Chota: Was I the one who sold the camera to you?
Mr Sikabana: Yes.
The matter comes up on March 17 for continued trial.

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