THE Kabwe Municipal Council should stop harassing street vendors before finding an alternative trading place for them, says PF Provincial chairperson Chanda Remember Mutale

Mr Mutale said the local authority should refrain from unleashing the council police on the street vendors who were simply trying to make ends meet.

Speaking on a live phone-in program on Power FM Radio in Kabwe at the weekend, Mr. Mutale who is a Member of the Central Committee (MCC) said most of the people were on the streets because it was the only way for them to sustain their families.

Mr Mutale who is Chitambo Member of Parliament (MP) charged that the council police had no right to harass street vendors because it had failed to provide them with an alternative place within the central business district (CBD) to trade from.

“Let the street vendors be on the streets if you “the council” have not found an alternative place for them, most of our people are on the streets to earn a living,” said Mr Mutale.

He said if the council police continued to harass street vendors, the PF leadership in the district would defend them.

And Mr Mutale further urged the council to stop harassing the pirate tax operators and allow them to conduct their transport business within the CBD without any interference.

He commended the pirate tax drivers for keeping calm when the local authority closed about seven pirate taxi ranks in the central business district (CBD) in March last year.

The local authority had been at loggerheads with the street vendors since the practice was abolished.

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