A UNIVERSITY student of Lusaka’s Meanwood Ndeke has been fined K12, 000 in the Chelstone Local Court for impregnating a girl.

Kennedy Masanta, 22 was sued by Sarah Nkhoma, 44 of the same area for compensation.

 Nkhoma told Presiding magistrate Mary Namangala that Masanta impregnated her daughter in 2018 and her family called him for a meeting where he agreed responsibility.

“We charged him K12,000 and he agreed that he will be paying in monthly installment of K2,000 of which he has  not paid anything up to now,

“He only paid K1, 000 commitment fee and since then he has been quiet and doesn’t pick up calls when called hence my coming to court,” she said.

In defence Masanta accepted responsibility and said he was ready to pay the money.

“I accepted the pregnancy and we agreed that I will be paying K2,000 every month, but because of the challenges I am currently having I couldn’t manage. Instead of the K2,000 I promised I can only manage to give them K500 every month,” he said.

Court then ordered Masanta to pay the K12,000 and K2,000 every month effective February month end.

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