FARMERS whose maize fields dried up in Chirundu have gone back to farming activities following the sudden rains that are being experienced in the district since last week.

Chief Sikoongo’s spokesperson Mr Jethro Mandeva of Chirundu confirmed that many farmers in the district were seen re-planting maize in their fields following the arrival of sudden rains.

Mr Mandeva said he hoped that the rain pattern would continue to be promising so that crops could grow.

But Sikoongo ward councilor Progress Mangaba said even though many people had gone back to work in their fields, they seriously lacked maize seed to replant, a situation he described as expensive for farmers.

He appealed for help from government through the ministry of Agriculture and Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) to distribute some early maturing seeds.

Meanwhile a concerned parent Mrs Matron Matomola of Kapululira Village has expressed worry due hunger situation most children were failing to attend classes.

Mr Matomola appealed to government through the District Education Board Secretary’s (DEBS) office to ensure that schools in rural areas had adequate mealie meal so that pupils could be feeding from schools. She was worried that most children already looked malnourished and walking long distances to schools on empty stomachs would further stress them.

“I really feel for our children in the villages this time around that they have to cover long distances to school hungry. We only eat one meal a day and I cannot imagine children going to learn without food on empty stomachs,” she said.

Meanwhile, Chirundu district Education board secretary Ms Veronica Mubanga has assured parents not to worry as she had inspected all schools across the district today and confidently confirmed that there was enough mealie-meal for the school feeding programme.

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