A MAN of Mandevu Township has divorced his wife of seven months in Lusaka’s Boma Local Court alleging that she infected him with syphilis every time they had sex.

Ackson Mwewa, 26, who took Given Mulenga to court told senior local court magistrate Mukuka Ng’andu that he was tired of trying different medicines for their problem and just wanted a divorce.

‘From the time we got married in February, we have been having problems with our sex life. Every time I have sex with her, pus comes out of my manhood.  I get syphilis. The first time we went to the hospital and we were treated,” Mwewa said.

“After two weeks we had sex and the same problem came back. We reached an extent where we started trying different medicines, which would work but when we had sex again I would get syphilis,” he said.

Mwewa said he and his wife involved their families and his wife’s family looked for medicine to help them.

They took the medicine but the problem continued haunting them.

“My aunt explained the problem to my mother-in-law but she started accusing me of making her child sick. They asked her if I had girlfriends and she refused. I took her back to her parents because I’ve been dealing with the same problem for six months,” Mwewa said.

But Mulenga told the court that she noticed the pus on her husband’s manhood even before they got married.

“He actually had another woman in the beginning who he stayed with for three months. When he accused me of having syphilis, I refused because I know myself. I am well behaved. The only thing I used to complain about was stomach cramps but I don’t know where he got the syphilis from,” she said.

“We went to the clinic and he was found with syphilis so we were both put on medication. We tried a lot of medicine for six months until he told me he is tired of getting sick. He started chasing me to go back home and said he would take me back to my parents,” she said.

Mulenga said her mother looked for medicine to help them but just one day after they started taking the medicine, her husband moved out of their home for two days.

“When he came back, he packed all my things and chased me. I went to the hospital where I was not found with any syphilis. I was just found pregnant. When I told my husband he denied the pregnancy, which he has still denied up to now,” Mulenga said.

The court granted the divorce and ordered Mwewa to maintain Mulenga with K150 every month for one year.

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