A NJASE Secondary School teacher’s wife testified in the Choma Magistrates Court that she received a parcel containing sanitary pads from a 17 year- old Grade 12 pupil from her father.

This is in a matter in which Ricky Munkonze 41 is facing two counts of incest and supplying a poisonous substance to his daughter to procure an abortion after allegedly impregnating her.

Particulars of the offence are that in count one on dates unknown but between August 10 2018 and September 11 2018 in Monze Munkonze had carnal knowledge of his biological daughter.

In count two it is alleged that on October 2 2018 in Choma, Munkonze willfully and unlawfully supplied a noxious substance to his daughter to procure an abortion.

When the matter came up for continued trial before Namwala Resident Magistrate Richard Chikalanga, Grace Simundombe testified that on October 2 2018 Munkonze went to her house where he introduced himself as her husband’s friend and wanted to leave a parcel for his Grade 12 daughter.

Ms Simundombe told Court that the parcel contained 1 loaf of bread, juice and a packet of sanitary pads which the girl later collected.

But in cross examination the witness failed to describe the brand of the sanitary pads after Munkonze’s defence Counsel Melissa Tatila raised the issue.

The matter comes up on January 17 for ruling and Munkonze’s police bond was extended.

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