THE Boma Local Court in Lusaka has given a couple of Kanyama three weeks to reconcile after a man had sued his wife for divorce but changed his mind when she told him she still loves him.

This was heard in a case in which Yona Lungu, 45 took Petronella Chiyande, 42 to court for divorce because they were both unhappy.

Lungu told senior local court magistrate Roan Shamfwesa that he wanted divorce.

“When we got married in 2003, we stayed well. But after we had our second born,  problems started. She made me lose respect for her because she insults and disrespects me,”

“Because I love her and our children, I tried to tolerate her but she has only gotten worse. She even reaches the extent of wanting to beat me.

 I started doing my own chores to avoid drama with her,” he said.

He said his wife often threatened him, saying she wanted him to suffer and did not appreciate anything he did for her.

“She even accused me of dating women I don’t even know so I think it would be better for us to go our separate ways, maybe that way she will be happy,” he said.

In defence Chiyande however told the court she did not want a divorce because she still loved her husband.  She said they stayed well until 2006 when her husband changed jobs, problems started.

“I used to do business by giving my husband items to sell at his workplace. He would collect the money and give me. One time when I asked for my money, he refused to give me and said we were in business together,” she said.

“In August, he bought a car with my profits and when I asked for my share of money, he said because I was doing business under his roof, he owed me no money,

 “He has just brought me to court because I was constantly asking for my money. I don’t want a divorce because I love him,” she said.

The court asked Lungu if he wanted to proceed with the divorce but after hearing that she loved and still wanted him, he changed his mind.

Magistrate Shamfwesa gave the couple three weeks to sit down with family for counseling and reconciliation.

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