THE recurrent flash floods have again mercilessly hit Lusaka in the few days into the New Year and the situation, unfortunately, still remains horrid.

Just a few days ago, the Mumana area near Levy Mwanawasa Teaching Hospital was a disaster as floods completely cut off traffic to Chelstone from town.

Seemingly, the tale was the same in several parts of Lusaka, which included the central business district (CBD) the light, and heavy industrial areas as well as some of our sprawling compounds.

The situation appears to be getting worse by the day as the rains continue to block the drainage system leading to an overflow on the key roads in most zones of Lusaka

But what seems to alarm many Lusaka residents is the lack of preparedness for the floods which have been badgering the city for decades now without any antidote.

It is the same jingle year in year out and justly the buck stops at our Lusaka City Council (LCC) which has certainly done a bad job in clearing drainages and collecting garbage for whatever explanations.

Already two people have lost their lives in Lusaka to floods at Lumumba bus station and another one in Ngwerere area.

This evidently cannot be allowed to become our way of life in the capital city and something ought to be done and done quickly to bring to an end this flooding situation.

It is extremely dispiriting to come across residents caught unprepared for the floods and found them stuck in the middle of heavy pools of water as the floods wreak havoc.

Floods impact on both individuals and societies, and have social, economic, and conservational corollaries.

The ramifications of floods, both adverse and optimistic, vary greatly depending on the location and extent of flooding, and the susceptibility and worth of the natural and fashioned surroundings they disturb.

Floods have large social concerns for communities and individuals.

 And these include loss of human life, impairment to property, ruin of crops, loss of livestock, and corrosion of health conditions owing to waterborne diseases like cholera.

THE Lusaka City Council (LCC) emergency team on Thursday evening responded yet again to flash floods that were experienced in the eastern part of the city.

LCC public relations manager George Sichimba said the flash floods, arising from a  downpour, caused serious flooding in homes and other places.

He said LCC emergency team quickly responded to the emergency by mobilizing the pressure jet and fire engines to pump out water from some seriously affected homes and places.

Mr Sichimba explained that the team comprises fire fighters and engineers who had been activated to respond to emergencies like floods.

“The operation continued through the night and will go on even today. Other stakeholders such the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) and Zambia Police also joined the operation in order to mitigate the problem as quickly as possible.

“Thursday’s downpour in the area overwhelmed the drainages and the storm water burst into homes and other places,” he said.

He said the Council would continue the programme of drainage cleaning throughout the city to mitigate the effects of climate change.

“Residents are also encouraged to join hands with the local authority by stopping the habit of dumping waste in drainages,” said

Truth be told, if LCC does not get on top of the drainage system issue soon the floods would  stay and probably to cause more destruction than ever before as the environments get weaker and weaker due to flooding.

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