A Lusaka man has reconciled with a man who assaulted him in the Lusaka magistrate’s court.

Particulars of the offence before Magistrate Felix Kaoma was that Albert Silwamba, 44, transport manager, of Avondale assaulted Mwendabai Mukosiku on December 6 2019 occasioning him actual bodily harm.

When the matter came up for plea, Silwamba denied assaulting Mukosiku.

Magistrate: Where were you assaulted?

Mukosiku: He slapped me on the face.

Magistrate: Why did he slap you?

Mukosiku: I had gone to collect my pay slip at work and he came and slapped me saying that I was making noise.

Magistrate: Did you agree to withdraw the matter at the police?

Mukosiku: Yes.

Magistrate: What else did you agree?

Mukosiku: That he would take care of my medical expenses.

Magistrate: Do you want the matter withdrawn?

Mukosiku: Yes.

Magistrate: Without compensation?

Mukosiku: Yes, he apologised and I have forgiven him.

Magistrate: What if I refuse and choose to deal with him? It’s not about withdrawing the matter but also the seriousness of the injuries.

Mukosiku: I have forgiven him.

Magistrate Kaoma told Silwamba to be grateful to Mukosiku for withdrawing the matter and that the offence of assault is serious.

Magistrate: At your age, you decided to get physical with a young man.

Silwamba: It was a mistake.

The court reconciled the two and acquitted Silwamba of the charge of assault.

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