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A 27-YEAR-OLD teacher of Lusaka West has divorced her husband of one year in the Boma Local Court alleging that he is a very jealous man who kept her like a slave.

This was a case in which Beatrice Mwanza sued Christopher Chewe, 35, of Marshlands for divorce.

Mwanza told Senior Local Court Magistrate Prudence Bwalya that problems in her marriage started in 2019 because he was always jealous and suspicious and refused her to have any friends, both male and female.

“I used to live like a slave. Because he got me a job, he was in charge of my salary and I never used to see it. One time I went with the headmaster to collect my certificate. He woke me up around 22.00hrs and started accusing me of sleeping with the same headmaster.

“He started asking me to confess which lodge I went to with him. He called me a prostitute and beat me like he wanted to kill me,” Mwanza said.

Mwanza said Chewe at one time threatened that he would cut up her body into pieces.

She said her husband made sure the whole Kabwe knew she was a prostitute and he shouted at all her relatives and did not have any respect for them.

“He has threatened to kill me more than five times. He told my sister that if I left his house with any property he would bewitch me by using my pants. I have a bad reputation in Kabwe because of him. He called all my friends and told them I’m a prostitute,” she said.

She said her husband made her get loans and bought a car which he put in his name and hacked her WhatsApp, Facebook and email and continued destroying her reputation.

In defence, Chewe told the court that he would not accept his wife painting a very bad picture of him and that he wanted to reconcile.

“In all our quarrels, I never told her she was a prostitute. When we first met, she was a student and I provided most of what she needed. I even sacrificed my room in Marshlands for her and went to stay in Kalingalinga. She came to stay with me in Kabwe when she graduated,” he said.

He said he was always there for his wife and even got a loan to pay her for her brother’s school fees.

“Even our fights were not one sided, she was also beating me and maybe I just won. But I’m willing to change and I’d like for the court to reconcile us,” he said.

The court found there was violence and mistrust in the marriage and granted the divorce.

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