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AN international truck driver has advised fellow drivers to restrain themselves against illicit behaviour in order to help reduce road carnage and reduce the disease burden.

Justine Musa of Almeida Transport Limited in Malawi told the Sun in an interview the international driving work was filled with temptations for illicit behaviour but that it was important to restrain oneself to help reduce road carnage and reduce incidences of HIV/AIDS.

Mr Musa said life was precious and needed to be treasured.

Mr Musa who advise drivers against patronizing drinking places to avoid temptations, advised them to find some form of sport to play if they had a break down or stopped to rest.

Mr Musa was found playing the ‘Nsolo’ (a traditional African draft-like game played by two people) with his ‘lorry boy’ as he waited for the rescue team from Malawi to come and repair his faulty truck parked at the Chongwe Central Business District.

He urged fellow drivers to find ways of keeping themselves busy by involving themselves in safe activities that would stop them from engaging in illicit behaviour.

He advised them to avoid patronising bars while ‘on the road’ as a way of promoting behavioural change.

Musa observed that that prevalence of HIV/AIDS and other STI cases among long distance drivers, was a result of lack of discipline which he said was key to having a long life.

“We need to be considerate of our spouses who most of the times remain faithful to us. We need to restrain ourselves and concentrate on the errands we have been assigned. Beer drinking is one thing that really leads to impaired judgement in behaviour and driving,” he said.

He further observed that, a number of accidents on the roads could be avoided if drivers avoided drinking beer on duty.  

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