A WOMAN of Lusaka’s John Laing Township has divorced her husband on allegation that he has been infecting her with sexually transmitted diseases.

This was in a case in which Annie Phiri, 38 sued her husband Steven Nzoma, 46 a church elder for divorce.

Phiri told Kanyama Local Court Senior Magistrates Abbyshine Michelo sitting with magistrates Mubukwanu Matakala and Esther Mulomba that problems started in 2006 when she discovered that Nzoma’s manhood had sores.

She said later Nzoma went to a drug store where he was circumcised after which he told her he was free to go to any woman.

She said her husband has been bringing infections and that in 2019 she told him to change because she was tired of being treated for STIs.

 Phiri said she was shocked to discover that his manhood was discharging pus.

Nzoma married Phiri in 1996 and they have five children together.

 “I told Nzoma to stop making love but he refused and when I brought condoms he refused to use them subjecting me to sleep on the sitting room. Nzoma even used different charms,’’ Phiri said.

In defence Nzoma however pleaded that he still wanted to continue his marriage with Phiri.

He said he has been diabetic for seven years and that it was medicines that had kept him alive, adding that sometimes he experienced black outs.

 “I am a Seventh Day Adventist, we use herbal medicines for ailments, my manhood swells sometimes I feel heat in the legs. We can go at the clinic for test if Phiri wants,’’ Nzoma said.

But Phiri insisted on divorce because even if they went to clinic for tests it won’t the state of affairs in their home.

The court said SDA is a well-organized church but it had failed to change Nzoma.

It said that since Phiri did not want to continue in marriage there was nothing the court could do.

The court granted divorce without compensation but ordered the couple to share two houses where children will benefit from there.

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