SOCIAL media in Zambia has in the last 24 hours been awash with comments from Facebook followers after a heated debate between two lawyers, Tutwa Ngulube and Linda Kasonde on Bill 10 on Lusaka Hot FM Radio.

In what has been seen as a battle of  legal minds, Mr Ngulube who is ruling party Deputy Chief Whip and former Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) president Linda Kasonde, re featured on Hot FM Radio’s Breakfast show to explain the Bill to Zambians.

Below are some of the comment monitored by the Sun from Mwebantu Facebook page after it posted a question: Who do you think won the debate?

Alex Silavwe:  Hon Tutwa Ngulube won the debate as his contribution was impartial. Linda on the other hand, was speaking with emotions and therefore failed to raise any valid points. Reminds me of Martha Mushipe!

Nelson Kazeze: No doubt Tutwa took the lady to the cleaners

Chellah Tukuta Daily: Tutwa went very prepared

Aquino Mutale: Tutwa mwaume!

Owas Ray Mwape: If you are objective you will note that Tutwa came with a shinny loaded gun whilst Linda came namalegeni. It turned out to be a lecture capacity building to the lady. Prepare when you decide to educate the masses ala ifi Lesa tafwaya.

Stephen Chilekwa: Congratulations to honourable Ngulube he was more prepared than madam Kasonde, she failed to back up her argument

Andrew Alakas Sakala:  Hon Ngulube went to a public school but well informed while Linda went to a private school and not well informed. You back your argument with law not emotions.

Political Analyzer: This time Linda  it was too late to practice. It’s like the first person the UPND sponsored changed their mind, then they called Linda Kasonde. Tutwa Ngulube won.

Sokoni Chibuye:  I don’t support PF by Hon Tutwe Ngulube was more prepared and madam Linda Kasonde went on radio station without any data

Grace Shankaya:  Tutwa Ngulube is one of those that have seen this Bill 10 from inception into being. He therefore would defend it to the hilt. To Linda and majority Zambians this is one Bill that has come to us with an element of surprise as it is not owned by us.

Micheal Kachesa: Yet again, we have reduced this important debate to who has won or lost mmmm

Muchele Royd Moonga: It’s not about who spoke the loudest but who spoke with wisdom. The cadre spoke the loudest but brought out nothing! total nuisance. on the other hand the intellectual who is siding with the majority Zambian spoke with wisdom. God bless that woman!!… As the saying goes the empty tins always make the loudest noise.

Rabecca Vee Samakayi: I admire Linda so much but I was very disappointed, to me she seemed not prepared and made it very easy for Hon Tutwa.

Ngebe Chipati: I listened to the Debate. Hon Tutwa Ngulube came prepared. Madam Kasonde was like she just woke up to go and debate.

Zulu Simon: My view is that Linda Kasonde was not given enough time in comparison to the honourable. I would suggest a part two tomorrow morning.

Honourable Mushe: Linda failed to back up her points and mainly failed to object Hon. Tutwa Ngulube due to lack of adequate information and a comprehensive understanding of Bill No. 10 and the Constitution of Zambia.

Splendour Mweemba Siachilubi:  Linda had valid points but didn’t read the bill fully to support her points. That moment she was asked to quote from the bill. She won the debate though

Chris Phiri: Linda wasn’t ready despite having a good case to secure victory!!!!!

Bashi Mwana: After the radio show, it will be sensible to postpone the vote and have more insights of the bill 10. I feel it’s being misrepresented as a political battle rather than a developmental effort. I think Tutwa did a good job and Linda looked like she has been paid to defend what she does not believe in?

Chabakola Kasukumya: A debate can be won by either side. The most important thing is who among the two was speaking for the people.

Maurice Makalu: Tutwa was a good politician, Linda was a good professional.

Mercy Musonda: Mwebantu you should also table bill no 10 here so that people should read and understand what is it. Not everyone understands this bill. All the some Linda had valid points.

Kennedy M Chileshe: This is where we miss it. Its not about the debate, its about what is correct for Zambia and Zambians. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it correct and right

Francis Chibesa: The difference between theory and practical. The honorable was right all the way.

Chamfya Lumbwe: I now understand why even in court these guys lost, they don’t take issues seriously. She had a chance to educate the masses but she was in the woods.

Adelaide Akakandelwa: Ngulube was splendid! It’s amazing that Linda Kasonde says the president will have exclusive power to contract debt without citing any part of the bill that says so! What’s wrong with today’s opposition kansi???

Stephenson Nashe Gatawa: I blame the presenters who were not giving time for Linda to speak. She won.

Adams Simfukwe: I support Linda Kasonde even though she was not confident enough, but I know the lines she was moving on. Zambian history will judge you for not being able to speak up. Injustice to some is injustice to all. Imagine if ancestors were cowardly as Chilufya Tayali.

Matthew Daka: After having listened to the whole debate, Linda sounded data less while Tutwa had all the points to woo the “NOs”. I think, “The Yes” have it.

Evans Kingston Soko: Tutwa Ngulube made Linda Kasonde look and sounded like a house maid.

Gesphasio Nkhowani: Linda must apologize to the Law Fraternity, asebanya. Tutwa won by 10-0. We know she is UPND and Tutwa is PF. Meaning the battle is between two political parties, where are the other political parties in Zambia? PF is saying yes to Bill 10 n UPND is saying no?

Julian Henry Banda:    Linda a lawyer? Her interpretation of the law was so flawed. Next time bring on someone who actually knows what they are discussing

Lloyd Chilopola: Linda Kasonde was off air. I don’t know if she just woke up from slumber or what? And Tutwa Ngulube used her ignorance well. Next time they must pair him with McDonald Chipenzi the man is pro UPND but his analysis is always on point. Same as Emmanuel Mwamba his analysis is always on point. These two guys nimulilo.

Mabvuto Joseph Bili: Tutwa Ngulube presented facts from the constitution itself the other one was reading from a note pad. Some of the half-truths were laid bare. Too many lies and innuendos but sadly many people have believed. Let’s take time to read the documents before we come to a conclusion over bill 10. UBUFI TOO MUCH

Thomas Mulenga: Tutwa and Linda debated over bill 10. Tutwa came out so well such that Linda appeared as if she’s a law student in Tutwa’s lecture room. Tutwa clearly won the debate………. 70%..Tutwa 30%..Linda

Chipo Phiri Maida: I didn’t watch it but already from the comments I can tell that it was Linda Kasonde 0, one Tutwa Ngulube mwana wakwitu. 10. Am I right folks?

Dason Wright Mphande: Debate is an art and some chaps are gifted, just like ka Antonio Mwanza even if what they supporting is senseless you can’t beat them.

Chris Daniels: The day I will find this Bill 10 in Restaurant, I will eat it and lick the plates where it’s served on…lick my fingers and ask for Big Castle lite…

Grace Munchindu Kazabu: I am told she woke up on the wrong side of the bed…. let’s do this mailo she will win!

Harrison Nyirenda:  Linda failed to tell the nation the truth about bill 10. Her presentation of facts was below par.  

Mpundu Sichone: Chapter One Foundation is Linda baby so for her to come to the radio station unprepared, was very disappointing, she needed to articulate issues to the fullest.

 Sydney Ngulube: I have a huge admiration for Linda kasonde. Sad I didn’t tune in.

Ken Alinani: Hon Tutwe was more prepared and aggressive but Ms.Linda had some valid point though she didn’t come out bold

Advent Chisenga Mulimba: Tutwa knew what he was talking about though combatant… Linda awe… made me think twice about Bill 10

Paul Tembo:  Its good that citizens saw for themselves how Linda, the outspoken critic of Bill 10 has lamentably failed to back her opposition to the said Bill.

Matthew Muchu: And if you think that the politician was right, then you are wrong. Bill 10 is not good for the nation. Tutwa is a politician/lawyer, what good has come out of any politicians at the moment? Don’t be deceived people, let’s say no to bill 10.

Legion Mwiinga: It is not a matter of winning a debate, but a matter of what is right and beneficial to the majority Zambians, which Bill 10 does not provide.

Dillon Zimba Mwanza: The dark side won. Linda is a terrible debater.

Christopher Shanda: Tutwa likes interjecting during discussions and Linda is rather less outspoken. She was too calm for the discussion but also wasn’t forthcoming in defending her position.

James Scotch Phiri: Kkkkkk Kasonde she was white washed by Tutwa TAH,, and she even failed to feature on Phoenix baume baume.

Salva Kahita: Please have a repeat of this conversation and advise Linda to have her facts ready and convincing. Furthermore publish Bill 10 for everyone to read and make their own conclusions. Some of us we are just commenting without reading the bill.

Kennedy Kasanga: The lady went on looking for chapters in the bill 10 and failed to get them.

Mwenya Katongo: Why didn’t they Bring Laura Miti…she was going to chisa him…

Madalitso Njovu: Hon Tutwa Ngulube I like his confidence and always referring to the Zambian Constitution while Madam Linda Kasonde lacked it and vague in her arguments she never convinced me at all she could have done better, she was lectured on the subject matter like law student in first year!

Fletcher M Banda Linda Kasonde was far from being ready for that debate.

Wezi Don Gondwe: Tutwa was being aggressive for nothing. Linda on the other hand seemed so lost, couldn’t put meaningful explanations across.

Chrissy Chuma: Whatever the case Bill 10 is a cost and we are still under austerity measures till further notice

Mario M Mutanuka: Congratulation ba Honourable Tutwa Ngulube I just hope you won’t be like mean ministers we are seeing who just eat and make dollars and fail to represent and defend the PF and national constitution

Henry Mz’kuru: Tutwa is intelligent, don’t be cheated am not vama politics but Linda is an armature, try Jack Mwiimbu maybe slightly anagayeseko

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