THE Lusaka magistrates’ court has reconciled two women over an unpaid debt of K6, 000.

Before Magistrate Martha Miti was Gertrude Mwaba who was sued by Mary Nyangu from whom she borrowed K6, 000 on September 25 2018.

Nyangu told the court that despite Mwaba promising to pay back the money, she had failed to do so.

Magistrate Miti: Did you get K6, 000 from Ms. Nyangu?

Mwaba: Yes.

Magistrate Miti: When did you get the money?

Mwaba: On September 25 last year.

Magistrate Miti: why did you get money?

Mwaba: To book a vehicle to transport charcoal.

Magistrate Miti: Did you promise to pay back?

Mwaba: Yes

Magistrate Miti: Why did you not pay back?

Mwaba: The vehicle I booked was involved in a road accident and I made a loss.

Magistrate Miti: when were you supposed to pay the money?

Mwaba: Within a month.

Mwaba told the court that she was more than willing to pay back the money in installments.

Ms. Nyangu asked the court to withdraw the case because Mwaba’s children are suffering.

She said Mwaba must make a commitment and pay back the money in installments.

Magistrate Miti told Mwaba to be grateful that Ms. Nyangu that she had decided to withdraw the matter.

“Don’t run away with people’s money next time, trying to invade theft. Pay back the money as you have promised,” she said.

The court reconciled the two women.

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