THE failure by the Lusaka City Council (LCC) to collect garbage that is piling up in the central business district (CBD) has angered Mayor Miles Sampa who has decided to take up the challenge and clean up the solid waste.

Mr Sampa said he had summoned LCC director of Health Edgar Mulwanda who was in charge of garbage collection in the City to find out why solid waste was piling up in the CBD.

In a statement on his face book page Mr Sampa said that he had gone to the CBD and was ‘pa ground’ in collecting piled up garbage.  

Mr Sampa said he told Mr Mulwanda that Lusaka residents did not want to hear his million excuses on why garbage was not been collected from the CBD because all they wanted was a clean environment.

 “I told him to also create shifts so that some of his truck drivers can pick up garbage in the night,” he said.

Mr Sampa said one of the cries of Mr Mulwanda was that no matter how often his trucks picked up garbage, some people and shop owners kept throwing back garbage in the CBD.

He said to some extent Mr Mulwanda was right, and urged the public to be responsible by not be throwing garbage or litter anyhow to avoid cholera outbreak.

“Please let’s all play our part to keep the City clean. This is the peak time for all of us to evoke ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) on Operation UBUSAKA,” he said.

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