Muchinga Province Commissioner of Police Joel Njase



A 35-year-old man of Nakatendo village in Isoka has allegedly killed his girlfriend friend after finding her having sex with another man.

The suspect is alleged to have used a pounding stick.

Muchinga Province Commissioner Joel Njase said Moses Silwimba 35 is alleged to have murdered his   lover using a pounding stick.

The incident happened on Monday at Lolani Village in Chief Kafwimbi’s area.

Mr Njase identified the woman as Mulenga Chibamba 34 of Lolani Village who was beaten to death after he caught her red-handed with another man.

“Officers interviewed the suspect and he disclosed that the deceased was his woman friend and on the material day at around 21:00 hours, he paid her a visit.

“He explained that when he entered the house, he found her in the act with another man who ran away upon seeing him,” Mr Njase said.

Mr Njase said the quarrel degenerated into a fight and the man picked up a pounding stick which he  to beat her up.

“Acting on the confession of the suspect, the officers later requested him to lead them to the scene to recover the pounding stick which he used,” he said.

He said the suspect wilfully led a team of officers to the house of the deceased woman and retrieved the pounding stick.

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