TWO Lusaka men have told the Lusaka Magistrates Court that they are surprised to be arrested for an offense they did not commit.

It is alleged that Victor Kabamba, 21 an electrician and Elias Tembo, 25 both of Kalundu area broke into the shop of Maggie Moyo and stole some items.

This was heard when the matter came up for defense before magistrate Victoria Chitulang’oma.

Kabamba said it was on August 9, around 04:00 hours when members of the local neighbourhood watch went to his house.

 “One of them said that he saw me break into Ms. Moyo’s shop. They got me and took me to the chairman,

“Later, they took me to Ms. Moyo’s house. They told her that they had found the person who broke into her shop,” he said.

He said the officers then went to his house and got three bed sheets, two blankets, used perfumes and K183 cash.

 “I was forced to admit the charge when the police officers started beating me. The blankets and other items they took from my house are mine. I didn’t break into the shop of Ms. Moyo,” he said.

And Tembo said it was around 04:00 hours when the police officers went to arrest him at his house.

Tembo said he did not know what offence he committed and asked his friend Kabamba who did not answer because he was crying uncontrollably.

He said the officers searched his house and collected diapers and powder which belonged to his baby.

Tembo later found out that he was charged together with his friend Kabamba for breaking into a shop and committing a felony.

Tembo said he didn’t commit the offence and was surprised that he was arrested.

The matter comes up on October 17 for continued trial.

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