A WOMAN of Kabanana Compound has narrated how some unknown people tried to open the roof of her house in order to gain access.
Ireen Mumba said on Tuesday around 24 hours while sleeping with her family unknown people climbed on the roof of their house and started trying to remove the roofing sheets using unknown objects.
She said before they climbed, Ms Mumba heard the suspected robbers speaking a strange language.
Ms Mumba said some had remained down while others climbed the roof and started removing some nails so that they could enter.
She said upon realising that they were on the roof, occupants decided to start talking on the phone.
“After we started pretending that we were speaking on phones that is how we heard them jumping from the roof and they scampered in different directions.
“They were speaking a strange language which I did not understand and we don’t know what the motive was, but they did not spray any chemicals,” she said.
Ms Mumba, however, said she has not reported to the police. She said police were not doing anything to curb crime in Kabanana and surrounding areas.
Another resident, Theresa Mulenda, has accused the police in the area of not doing much to curb crime.
She said the crime rate had increased but when people reported to the police, nothing was being done.
Ms Mulenda said apart from cases of gassing, there had been a number of attacks by some people in which sometimes perpetrators were identified but nothing was done.

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