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A 23-YEAR-OLD woman of Lilanda who sued her unsupported husband of eight years for divorce has been granted the application by the Matero Local Court which also awardedher with K4, 000.

This was heard in a case in which Ruth Sithole sued her husband Rodrick Sithole, 29 of George Township for divorce before Magistrate Miyanda Banda.

Magistrate Banda: How many children do you have together?

Ruth: We have 2

Magistrate Banda: Do you want to divorce?

Rodrick: No, I do not, I still love my wife

Magistrate Banda: did he pay the bride price?

Ruth: He was charged K 9,000 but he only paid a K500

Magistrate Banda: How long have you been on separation?

Ruth: For a month now

Ruth told the court that they got married in 2012 and her husband stopped working shortly after they got married and failed provide for the family and resorted to sleeping out.

“When we got married we used to live at his mother’s place and when he lost his job, my mother decided to give us a one room in Barlastone but we did not live well as a couple,

“He started working as a conductor and he would usually sleep out claiming that the bus had mechanical problem.

He would not even pick up my calls and we have been sat down by his relatives but he does not change,” she said  She said the other time while sleeping around midnight she heard her neighbor calling her to come out.

 “I found the door open and he wasn’t on the bed. He was caught having sex in the toilet with a girl my neighbour was keeping.

Rodrick: Did you pay for our daughters school?

Ruth: Yes, i did

Rodrick: How long have you provided?

Ruth: Ever since you stopped work

Magistrate Banda: Do you love him?

Ruth: No, i don’t

Rodrick said they lived well until 2015 when his wife wanted to start working at a hair salon because things became hard for him.

“I later started business and asked her to stop going to the saloon but she refused. I would usually find my 7 year old daughter outside the house at between 18.00-19.00 hours and I told my wife I did not like the habit,

“I even took the matter to our Pastor but she did not change so I told her that if she did not stop going to the saloon I would stop giving her money since she was also working,” said Rodrick

Ruth: When did you last give me money?

Rodrick: I told you that I will only give you money when you stop going to the saloon

Magistrate Banda: What were the kids eating?

Rodrick: I would buy them food in advance and their mother would cook for them in the morning

Magistrate Banda: Do you have household goods that you acquired together?

Rodrick: No we don’t

“Love is what keeps a marriage and she wants to divorce, the court has granted divorce and you will compensate her with  K4,000 and maintain the children who will be in her custody with  K35O effective this month end,” said Magistrate Banda

COMMENT from Bana Ichimbusa

On the case of Ruth, even if they are still young, they can make it, but because there is adultery, its means the wife will not trust the husband.

If they were older people to counsel them, they can reconcile them because its only that the husband does not provide, he does not have a good job to provide for her.

But if he had a job he can do much better than that but because of adultery I do not think this marriage will work so the best way is to get separated like the court has said. 

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