The Boma Local Court in Lusaka has ordered a woman of Kamwala to settle her outstanding K3, 800 debts she owes a man who she has been giving too many excuses.

This is a case in which Alick Zimba, 33, dragged Wendy Kaseba to the court to claim the money she has owed from April, 2016 and kept giving excuses.

Zimba told Senior Local Court Magistrate Silvia Kabunda that he knew Kaseba through his friend who she worked with in Kamwala.

“My friend told me she had problems clearing her things at the border and she needed some money. I communicated with her and gave her K3, 000. As per agreement, she was to pay me K4, 200,” Mr Zimba said.

He said Kaseba then gave him a postdated cheque and said she would communicate with him when she had money so that he could go to withdraw the money at the bank.

“I still have the cheque even up to now because she has been telling me stories. First she told me the money she was expecting didn’t come in and I was scared to go and deposit the cheque at the bank because she had not yet given me a go ahead’ and maybe I would have caused problems for her,” he said.

He told the court that she only paid him K400 out of the K4, 200 in November, 2016 and since then it’s been excuse after excuse.

In defence Kaseba did not deny the allegations and told the court that everything Zimba said was true.

“I was banking with Inter Market Bank which was closed so I had problems settling all my bills and that’s why I didn’t manage to pay him back. On top of that, just after I stocked my shop in the city market, all the merchandise burnt when the market went fire,” she said.

She was however more than willing to pay Zimba back the money in a flexible payment plan.

The court then ordered Kaseba to pay back the K3, 800 in K300 monthly installments effective this month end.

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