A LUSAKA woman has been jailed for to 12 months imprisonment with hard labour for biting a police officer who was on duty.

Lusaka Magistrate Sheila Mweene yesterday jailed Veronica Tembo, 45, after she pleaded guilty to the offence.

Facts before court were that on October 1, the victim Caiphas Mweene, a traffic officer at Matero police station, received a report of a road traffic accident on Mungwi Road in which a passenger sustained injuries.

Later the accident victim was taken to hospital after which she returned to Matero police station with an unsigned medical report.

When Mr. Mweene noticed that the report was not signed by a medical doctor, the victim told him that she did not have K100 for treatment and wanted him to compel the owner of the vehicle involved in the accident to pay her medical bill.

He however, explained to her that it was not his duty to compel the vehicle owner to pay for her bill especially that the same vehicle had no insurance policy.

After an hour the accident victim went back to Matero police station with her family including Tembo who went straight to Mr. Mweene, grabbed him by his shirt and started dragging him.

“When he tried to free himself the accused bit him on his left cheek and caused him to sustain a deep wound,” the facts read in part.

In her explanation to another officer, Tembo claimed that Mr. Mweene was undressing her but Magistrate Mweene did not believe her story yesterday, saying it is unbelievable that a trained police officer could behave in a manner Tembo claimed he did.

She told her that it was not right to assault a uniformed police officer and warned her to change her attitude and lifestyle.

Ms. Mweene further observed that Tembo’s general attitude was unpleasant and that she noted her demeanor.

She then sentenced her to 12 months imprisonment suspended for nine months, meaning that Tembo will only serve three months.

After the court sitting, Tembo wept openly as she communicated with her relatives on her mobile phone.

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