A WOMAN of Lusaka’s Avondale who sued her husband of one year for reconciliation even if he beats her and does not support the family lost her bid when her husband refused to take her back.

Dorcas Mundambu, 27 sued Jeff Chimba, 27 a chef of Ibex Hill for marriage reconciliation in the Chelstone Local Court

Mundambu told Presiding Magistrate Mary Namangala that beat her with a pair of pliers and did want to get her from her father’s place.

The couple married in 2019, have one child together and dowry was partly paid.

“Since October 15, I have been staying with my father and my husband doesn’t show concern of coming to get me back to our matrimonial home and also has stopped supporting the child,

“After two months, my husband packed all my clothes in a box and wrapped traditional herbs in a plastic and put inside the clothes. I was shocked because I did not understand what the meaning was, I want the court to help me ask him where we stand as a couple,” she said.

She had waited for so long and wanted her husband back although he had not bothered to fetch her.

“I have come with the traditional herbs he packed together with my clothes. I still want him back so we can keep the child together, “Mundambu said.

In defence, Chimba denied pack any herbs in her clothes without her knowledge.

“ My wife is the one who told me to pack all her clothes and bring to her. We have never fought and what she is saying about beating her with a pair of pliers is a lie,

“At one point I took my 17-year old sister to be staying with us whom they used to fight with every now and then,” he said.

He also told the court his wife did not give him respect as a man and that she once took him to the Victim Support Unit where he was charged K3000.

Chimba: Do you love me?

Mundambu: Yes I do.

Chimba: Are you not the one who told me to pack your clothes.

Mundambu: No, I did not.

Magistrate Namangala: She said you packed all her clothes, did you?

Chimba: She is the one who told me to pack?

Magistrate Namangala: Why did you put some herbs in her clothes?

Chimba: No, I did not put anything.

Magistrate Namangala: So when are you getting your wife back home?

Chimba: In five months’ time, when I settle down.

Magistrate Namangala: When did you last have sex with her?

Chimba: Mmmm I don’t remember.

Since Chimba was not ready to reconcile with his wife the matter was dismissed.

Magistrate Namangala:  Reconciliation not settled. Court cannot force love. So either party is free to sue for divorce.

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