A 79-year-old woman of Lusaka’s Mtendere township has sued her neighbour for calling her a witch that she flies every night on a ‘Lubango’

Kesina Mutale told Chelstone Local Court presiding magistrate Kennedy Mutale that since 2013 when her last born child bought her a house in Mtendere she had never known peace.

She sued Mirriam Phiri, 40, of the same area for defamation of character on grounds that she called her witch and accused her of flying in the night and always threatening to kill her.

“Í have never known peace in my own house, Phiri throws stones in my house for no apparent reasons to an extent of breaking my windowpanes, she also tells her child to kill me. She claims I look like a snake which chases people away from visiting me. I am now getting scared for my life,

“She tells her  children to call me witch whenever they see me, she even photo shopped my picture which she took without my consent and puts it with some Nigerian witches in movies and shows people around, no one doesn’t know about those claims that I am a witch in my area. And whenever a tenant dies or someone gets sick she accuses me of killing them,’’ she said.

Mutale said at one point she came and grabbed her cloth wanting to beat her and that she also grabbed hers because she also wanted to defend myself.

She took Phiri to police and reported her to the Victim Support Unit but nothing happened.

In defence Phiri denied calling Mutale a witch and said in fact it was her (Mutale) who called her witch and insulted her as well.

“She insults too much, and what she is saying that I captured her in my phone and wanting to kill her it’s all a lie, I have never threatened to kill her instead she is the one who insults me. We don’t talk to each other and yes I threw stones in her house because of insults,’’ Phiri said.

And key witness Japhet Phiri said whenever she comes home from work she found his granny shouting but stopped after noticing his presence.

“I always tell my wife not to respond because granny is old and can say anything, or rather I suggest we move somewhere else if possible for peace to reign,’’ he said.

The court said Mutale had insufficient evidence and without witnesses to prove what she was saying.

 It also said both contributed to the matter because of insults that were uttered and the claim was subsequently dismissed.

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