A WOMAN of Makeni has been ordered by the Boma Local Court in to pay her friend K500 calling her a prostitute.

This was a case in which 29 year-old Carol Tembo sued Rebecca Namushi for defamation.

Tembo told Senior Presiding Magistrate Sharon Sichone that she wanted the court to teach both of them how to live in harmony as neighbours. 

She told the court that one time she visited Namushi who was her friend and greeted her but surprisingly, she ignored the salutation.

“She told me ‘you re following me at my home when you’re going out with my husband’. I asked her where she heard such news from and she told me she knew from what she heard. A commotion later erupted but I left and went to stand at a distance,

“She ran towards me to beat me while shouting ‘hule! Uyenda naba muna banga’. She then ran back into her house and got her husband’s pay slip and started showing the people who had gathered that her husband makes K5, 000 but gives her K1, 000 and uses some of it to pay my rent as his girlfriend,” she said.

She had a physical fight with Namushi who accused her of being a prostitute going out with her husband.

Namushi: Why did you tell me I would wreck my own home?

Tembo: Because you were making false accusations which made us fight.

Namushi denied calling Tembo a prostitute.

She however said Tembo followed her at her home and took some news that puzzled her.

She said Tembo told her that she dreamt that a certain woman who was a witch had given her (Namushi) medicine.

“I told her I’m a godly woman who doesn’t believe in medicines. From nowhere she started telling me that my husband doesn’t have a girlfriend and that she meets him in different bars drinking alone or with friends,

“I asked her if she was drunk for her to start saying such things. I told her to go home but she refused to go. The next day she came and started saying my husband would leave me.

Tembo said other bad words and people gathered to watch the unfolding drama.

Magistrate Sichone: Did you fight?

Namushi: We didn’t fight. I just held her by the neck and she bit me. 

Magistrate Sichone: What made you hold her?

Namushi: I was upset because of the words she said to me.

Unfortunately for Namushi, she and both her witnesses all gave different statements and she was consequently found guilty.

Magistrate Sichone ordered her to compensate Tembo with K500 only because the two were friends.

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