ZAMBIA National Service (ZNS) has asked, the Ministry of Local Government to release funds for the completion of the ultra-modern market and international bus terminus in Livingstone.

ZNS project manager for the two projects Lieutenant Colonel Fanuel Mchilwa, said measurements of the Interim Payment Certificate (IPC) number two were done and forwarded to the ministry for payments.

Col Mchilwa said that the amount was portioned as K 2, 157, 027.50 for ultra-modern market and K 2, 233, 984.49 for the International Bus Terminus.

However, the payments have not yet been processed by the ministry.

As a result Col Mchilwa said lack of payment by the ministry for the works had negatively affected [progress of work which in turn has affected the completion period.

He was speaking when the Provincial Minister Dr Edify Hamukale toured the projects to appreciate the works that had been done so far.

Lt col Mchilwa said that so far,  works at the International Bus Terminus had progressed well and near completion while most of the workload at the ultra-modern market were almost done.

“I would like to assure you Mr Minister that we will endeavour to do quality works and complete the two projects on time if payment claims are paid in time,

“Lack of payment by our client for the works done has negatively affected our progress which in turn  is affecting our completion period,” he said.

And Dr Hamukale has appreciated the works that have done so far at the two projects.

He said that the two projects are of great importance not only to the people of Livingstone but Zambia as a whole.

The Minister said he was happy that most of the areas of construction had been done.

“Basically we need about K4 million to complete all the projects…I will engage the other players to ensure the money is given,

“What is needed is not a lot of money and I don’t think government can fail to pay that kind of money. These projects are the biggest in Zambia and I would like to thank President Edgar Lungu for choosing to position such quality infrastructure in Livingstone,” he said.

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