Young hockey players given lessons




SPRINGFIELDS Hockey Club has embarked on a training programme for young players of between 5 and 16 years old to popularise the sport in Zambia, says Coach Peter Mwanza.

Mwanza said that his club was training young kids from around the OYDC areas on how to sharpen their hockey skills.

Speaking in an interview with the Sun sport Mwanza said the sport has been growing in Zambia and the country was now sending participants to international Olympics where they performed well.

He said that Springfields Hockey Club which comprises six other coaches was an affiliate of Hockey Dreams Foundation of Netherlands which had also trained various local coaches in the sport.

He said the foundation had various projects apart from just coaching young athletes from the surrounding communities which involves training student athletes in various schools.

“Tili na ma projects yambili, timayendako na muma sukulu but ku choka pe bana valila apa ti coachinga che pe pano pa OYDC ba fana aba but ma sukulu ya ka vulila timayenda na muma sukulu b aka ti itina,’’

“Iyi game ya yenda pa mwamba manje chifukwa ina yamba naku mvekako inayamba nakuchitako mushe ngati muna mvela tina tumako na bantu ku ma Olympics manje chi na salako chabe ni ku sebenzela pamodzi kuyamba ku trainesela pamodzi na ku gwilizana monga mwamene timayendela mu ma sukulu,’’

Mwanza noted that hockey would grow even further once all stakeholders came together just like his team had been doing by going in the schools and introducing hockey as part of physical education. He said he had been involved in the sport since 2013 but only trained and qualified as a coach in 2018 through OYDC

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