AN alternative land has been secured for the 50 residents of Masaiti to pave way for the construction of a US$480 million cement plant in Ndola by ZCCM-IH.

ZCCM-IH mechanical engineer Bertrand Mulenga said an area had been identified where the company was going to re-settle the displaced people.

Speaking at the just-ended 93rd Zambia Agriculture and Commercial Show in Lusaka, Mr Mulenga, said 50 modern houses, a police post and a school among others would be built at the same plot. 

Mr Mulenga said ZCCM-IH would recruit 1,000 workers when constructions works started which would eventually rise to 2000 when the plant was complete,

“ZCCM-IH will be able to recruit about 500 people with quality jobs. We have found land for the affected 50 people who are going to be displaced during the construction of the project. We will ensure that they are well taken care of,

“And the affected people are happy with our project and soon Zambia Nation Service (ZNS) will start clearing the site where we will put new structures,” he said.

Mr Mulenga said not only will ZCCM-IH build houses but each of them would also be given a hectare for farming purposes just to give them a start of a new life.

He also assured that the 50 households would be considered first for job opportunities that were going to be available during and after construction. 

ZCCM-IH would also ensure that their children went for further training and once they got back they would able to be employed at the clement plant.   

He said after 20 – 25 year of training the plant would become a ZCCM property with no cost at all.

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