OLIVER SAMBOKO in Kariba writes

THE Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZIMPARK) has deployed officers to conduct educational meetings aimed at bringing harmony between humans and wild animals in the resort town.

This comes after a string of property obliteration by baboons and elephants which at times had led to injuries and death from wild animals’ attacks.

Speaking in an interview with the Sun, Chairperson for the Kariba Incorporated Area Residents and Ratepayers Association (KIARRA) Mr. Samu Mawawo said people were finally happy that ZIMPARK had seen the need to interact with the community to find a way forward in dealing with problems caused by animals.

He said it had always been a big challenge to obtain information about ZIMPARKS from the local offices due to their centralized system hence the appreciation that finally such issues could be discussed locally.

Mr. Mawawo said his association was hopeful that meetings being held would result in improved relationships between the residents and ZIMPARKS personnel that had gone sour as people were seeing high aspects of laxity on the part of the body in dealing with their concerns.

Over 500 baboons had so far been captured and relocated to other places in an effort to lessen their population in the townships while the issue of game corridors remained outstanding.

Recently troops of baboons caused havoc in the area prompting authorities to relocate them to far areas which had allowed calm to return.

The meetings being coordinated and facilitated by ZIMPARKS would discuss human-animals conflicts in Kariba urban and how the community could benefit from the local resources.

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